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Privacy Policy

 By submitting your photograph and/or any personal information,

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 Personal Information:
The The Bride Saves recognizes and respects your rights to privacy by using our site. In using our site you have access to any "professional(s)" listed in our roster of Individually Selected site registered "professionals". In order to request information from our site registered "professional(s)" you voluntarily provide us your personal information by completing an electronic form found online on our web site. During this process you include personal info that identifies you, or from which your identity could be deduced. It generally includes your name, address, telephone number(s) and/or your email address. When you complete the electronic from on our web site to request information from our site registered "professionals", your information is sent only to them ("site registered professionals"). We do not provide your personal information to any other advertisers or to any third parties.

We take all reasonable precautions to ensure that your personal information is kept safe from loss, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. Among the steps taken to protect your personal information are: Premises security; Restricted file access to personal information; Deploying technological safeguards like security software, encryption and firewalls to prevent hacking or unauthorized computer access; Internal password and security policies.

For any questions or concerns please contact us via EMAIL at care@thebridesaves.com