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The Bride Saves is LAUNCHING SOON to brides!! 

Are you getting married with a budget from 20k to 80k and are hoping to save? 

We are opening our doors to give you access to our list of vendors this April 15th 2016.


Who Are Our Vendors?

Our vendors are of the Province's best in their field, and they are offering you special promotions! You can save 20% and upwards, off your entire wedding budget. 

Our research team spends a significant amount of time researching our vendors to ensure QUALITY and SERVICE  is pristine. We are picky - just like you! We want the best - of the best! Our vendors are chosen to partner with us based on these factors;

Customer Service Experience

Once we determine they meet our high standards, we invite them to become one of our exclusive vendors. We choose a maximum of 30 vendors, for each service category, per province. This will simplify the decision making process for you! Choosing vendors can be the biggest headache and very stressful! You want to get it right! We understand, so you can safely start here, at The Bride Saves.

So for the BIG question!

How does this all work?

Simple! Just join free, head to the vendor page, read about their services, their reviews & recommendations and so much more.Take alook at their exclusive promotions, and if you see any you love, just click snag coupon. You can find all of your snagged coupons in your coupon manager.


How To Redeem

You can open up communication with any vendors by initiating conversation. Once you have snagged their offer, they have been notified. They are expecting your message. They cannot initiate communication with you. After chatting, once you are ready to proceed, just print your offer and provide to them. 


Reviews & Recommendations

After doing business with your vendor, you must share your experience with others. As well, it is a courtesy to the vendor that you return here, to give them the credit they have earned. In order for them to show their generosity and great service, you are required to "Mark Your Offer As Redeemed". Go to your coupon manager, find the offer, mark it as redemmed. that will authorise you to write your review and make your recommendations on the vendor. You can mark them as Highly Recommended, Recommended ... you get the idea..


Every offer you mark as redeemed is added into your wedding budget tool automatically. You have teh ability to add in outside expednitures as well. Any purchases made outside of the site, can be added in here. Your savings are also accumulated each time you mark an offer as redeemed! This info is public in your profile, along with the offers you redeemed, for all brides to see!



Feel free to share your deals to your social media, share the love!


You Can Book Everything Here! Why Go Elsewhere!